There are fears and phobias of spiders, snakes, reptiles, dark, and what more. But there is this fear early in the morning when all the day’s activities are rushed up and all those efforts and hustle comes to this very moment. That moment of reaching the routine place in time is the greatest relief one could get during that day.

The keys are fetched from the hook, the door is slammed open. The steps are cascaded and now the door is finally opened. The key is inserted into the place and twisted. No start another hard twist that is hard enough to break the key apart. What is the use of all the hustle in the morning when final important step of driving away isn’t happening?

safely use a battery booster

And then something comes to mind that the car battery hasn’t been changed or serviced for a long time. So what now? What is the fastest way to start the car and rush away? There are a lot of possible ways to jump-start car with portable charger. And let’s know more as to how to safely use the best battery booster to immediately start a dead car battery.

Possible cons of using the jump starters

Jump starters are usually used to start the dead batteries using an external back up powered starter. However these come with some cons and warning signs.

The common action that could go wrong with a car battery jump starter is that it could do damage to the vital parts of the machineries like alternator, jumper cables and the battery itself.  But there is nothing to worry if one knows the steps in safely using a portable car jump starter.

jump start car with portable charger

  • There might occur a problem with the cables if they are not connected properly between the jump starters to the battery. They might fuse off resulting in damage to the cables.
  • The other damages occur when the person tries to jump-start car with portable charger is that the terminals are connected wrongly between the jump starter and the dead battery. It is as simple as a child’s game. Only action is connecting the positive of the jump starter to the positive of the battery and so goes for the negatives. If the polarisation goes wrong then even the best battery booster is not going to work.
  • There are few chances of a minor explosion but the portable boosters are very very safe and these explosions are very rare.

Giving life to the life-givers

Just like how a defibrillator is used to bring back the heart to beat the jump starters bring back the power to the batteries.

Using this equipment is very easy as one need to connect the respective cables to the devices. The next is to connect the cables and their respective terminals properly.

With this done the next is to start ignition and usually it doesn’t starts right away but after a few short tries the battery is back with power to give a sizzling landing in time to the routine.