Videos and Slides

Below is our speaker list, with links to the YouTube video and to the slides. If a speaker is missing, or a link is inactive, then we do not yet have the corresponding resource(s) online (we’ll get to it ASAP!)

Sir Mark Walport [video, slides]
Minister David Willetts [video] (David did not use slides)

Open Access
Douglas Kell – BBSRC [video, slides]
Linda Atkinson + Catriona Cannon – The Bodleian [video, slides]
Jason Hoyt – PeerJ [video, slides]
Liz Ferguson – Wiley Blackwell [video, slides unavailable]

Citizen Science
Chris Lintott – Galaxy Zoo [video, slides unavailable]
Helen Roy – CEH [video, slides]
Simone Severini – UCL [video, slides]

Beyond Traditional Articles
Gabriele Facciolo – IPOL [video, slides]
Mark Hahnel – figshare [video, slides unavailable]
Richard Price – [video, slides unavailable]
Steve Pettifer – Utopia Docs [video, slides unavailable]

Open Data
Brian Hole – Ubiquity Press [video, slides]
Jason Wilde – Nature [video, slides]
Rebecca Lawrence – F1000 [video, slides]
Geoffrey Bilder – CrossRef [video, slides unavailable]
Victor Henning – Mendeley [video, slides unavailable]

Peer Review
Irene Hames [video, slides]
Ciaran O’Neill – BioMed Central [video, slides unavailable]
Christopher Greenwell – Elsevier [video, slides]
Rebecca Lawrence – F1000 [video, slides]

Open Innovation
Kaitlin Thaney – Digital Science [video, slides]
Will Hutton – Hertford College [video] (Will did not use slides)
Birgitte Andersen – Big Innovation Centre [video, slides]
Chas Bountra – SGC Oxford [video] (Chas did not use slides)

The Big Debate: Evolution versus Revolution Video on YouTube